For whom the bell tolls

Ever since Paul posted about being “busy” and Orley that “Time is the Enemy”, I’ve known the same feeling would soon catch up with me . . .

Tonight, I finally admitted I can’t get everything done that I wanted to before the presentation. But that’s ok – good even. I see more clearly what I need to focus on. I’ve cut one of the key areas I wanted to cover – which should make preparing the written materials easier too. There’s still time to add, link, review, dream, map, play.

Agree with Orley & Paul though, that it’s only acceptable to let some of my hopes for this process go – if I can let them go into the future, as seeds for continued research/practice next year. Great to know there’s already space reserved for that – and friends joining me there 🙂

One thought on “For whom the bell tolls

  1. Every time I read something new the feeling gets worse. The conclusion is – there is no end. This is never ending. One new thing leads to 5 others. Dangerous ground. Curiosity is petrifying and all consuming. Lack of curiosity is a waste of ones time (generally). So what do we do Jenny? We accept. We lay it to rest. Where we stop is exactly where it was meant to stop: half way, a third of the way, almost there – we can’t really know.

    But one thing we do know is that this must be good for us. It has to be. We’ve definitely thought about it enough to merit some goodness. Surely?


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