Minor Frustrations

My phone storage is so full of photos that I can’t even see thumbnails of the photos I need to delete to free it up 😦

There’s a really cool photo from the presentation that I wanted to use with this post (or rather the post I would have written if I could have uploaded it) but I guess I’ll just have to add it later.

Not even going to try & think about the phone storage problem till Monday afternoon.

Just went to make myself a cocoa, but my favourite mug is in a suitcase, dirty & wrapped in tissue paper.

Managed to lock myself out earlier, because I’d patted my pocket to check my keys were there – and was fooled by that blasted folding spoon!

Orley’s module is on Tuesdays next term & mine is on Mondays. That would be really sad – except that we can still meet here 🙂

Would like to sleep for a week – but I’d also like another 12 weeks to write up what I discovered in my 12 weeks research & I’ve only got this weekend.

All minor frustrations.

I survived the presentation!

Came home and ate a whole bag of tortilla chips with taramasalata to celebrate.

Love to all


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