Mark sorted out my phone storage problem!

So here’s the post I would have made on Friday if I could have accessed the blasted photos


I brought an apple with me to the DPaR presentations

because I’d brought one to the mini-presentation to Simon in week 6

because I’d happened to have one on me when Emilyn asked us to deeply research a single gesture from our practice – and I’d used it as a substitute for a mug.

The first two apples were both picked up in the old orchard, but the one above was purchased on my way to the tube at 6am on Friday (I’m blessed by a 24 hr convenience store) because someone tidied all the fallen fruit from the old orchard a few weeks ago.

However, because my suitcase of written materials was so heavy (would have been easier to put some of the mugs in the rucksack, but I wanted Paul to have the “authentic” experience of opening the suitcase & finding everything there), I stashed it in the old orchard on my way to Michaelis, dropped everything else off & came back for it when I could use 2 hands.


I left the apple there too, so it could absorb some of the spirit of the place.

Then I put it back in my coat pocket & forgot all about it until after the presentation! So much for that idea . . .

I rediscovered it in the gap before Danielle’s presentation when I popped out to shove everything back into the suitcase – so I decided to leave the apple in the tree for a bit (see above) along with Emerson to hold the space & one of the Gestalt CDs that was too high to get down easily.

I came back when we left the bar – only just remembered to! Paul had carried the suitcase to the library for me & then I had to leave it there & run back to get the remaining things out of the tree. Emerson & the CD were still there, but the apple was gone – I felt quite touched that a stranger had found & appreciated this minimal echo of my presentation.

I would have liked to have eaten it on the way home though . . .


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